Help & Support

Moving Home

How much notice should I give to Tutum to book my move?
You'll need to give us at least two week's notice to allow us enough time to move your services to your new address. You can book your Home Move up to 90 days in advance. A survey will be required for your new home to ensure the devices are adequate to protect your new property.

How can I book my Tutum Home Move?
Please Email or use the Ticket system on your Website Portal or Mobile App and we will schedule an engineer as per your requirements. We will advice you on the costs for de-installation and re-installation at the new property.

Will my products and services work as soon as I move into my new home?
Yes the devices will work as long as your new property meets the minimum requirements as per our terms and conditions. Please click here for our terms and conditions

If I move home with Tutum, will I need to take a new contract for my products and services?
No, you won’t be entered into a new contract if you move with the same products and services. Your existing terms and conditions will apply.