What is a smart home?

A Smart Home uses a range of connected devices and interacts with you and your loved ones via your Smart Phone, PC or tablet to keep you aware of whats happening in and around your home. You can remotely turn on your security system, lighting and adjust your heating. It even takes action on your behalf proactively.

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Peace of mind

Tutum, in latin, means Safe and that’s exactly what we aim to ensure giving you peace of mind that your home and loved ones are safe. With our innovative technology you can receive instant notifications if the door has been left open, receive and view video clips if the alarm has gone off and switch off appliances remotely such as your tumble dryer or iron to avoid fire hazards or simply receive an instant notification when a someone enters your home. Don't worry if you’ve forgotten to turn your alarm on, you can arm it via your app, or it sends you an arming reminder notification with GEO location services. With professional monitoring included in all our subscriptions we have you covered 24/7.


Our trained professionals will help you design your smart security and smart home automation solution ensuring that they understand your need of knowing what’s happening in your home. Receive Unexpected activity notifications when someone disarms the system at an unusual time, opens a door or window that usually stays closed and leaves a door open for too long. Don’t let perishables go waste, get notified if your fridge or freezer is left open. Get instant notifications or even trigger a siren when somebody opens the document or valuables safe even when you have not armed the system. Receive and review video footage to see who has opened the safe, all stored on the cloud so that intruders cannot tamper with or steal a local video storage device. With our perimeter security towers incorporating dual infrared and microwave detection technology, get instant notifications if an intruder enters your garden or the perimeter of your home and ward them off by automatically turning on lights and the ear piercing 110 dB outdoor siren.

Cost Savings

Tutum Home gives you a range of options to save costs all around your home. Invest in a Smart lock and no need to worry about the cost of lost keys, replacing locks or waiting for hours for a locksmith to arrive. Add a water leak detector, a water valve and set a rule to automatically turn off water mains supply if a leak is detected; not only saving on water costs but also avoiding costly flood damage. Wouldn’t it be great if you could set rules and schedules to turn on and off your appliances and extend their life, rather than keeping them constantly on at nights or during holidays. Welcome to Tutum Home, secure smarter living.

Energy Savings

You could yank the power supply cord, but that's hardly a very consumer-friendly way to reduce energy consumption. A single set-top cable box with a digital recorder can cost upto £40 a year in standby mode for a typical UK home. With the Tutum Home solution we help you reduce your carbon footprint by using electricity more efficiently by allowing an easy way to set automated rules for your electrical appliances. Simply buy a smart plug for each appliance to get full control at your fingertips and monitor your energy usage from the App to see where more can be saved. Set up automatic schedules to turn on and off your lights rather than keeping them on all night and during holidays to ward off intruders. You could even set your window sensors to interact with your thermostats when windows are left open to save heating energy.

Smart convenience

Creating highly accurate schedules can be a great step towards better energy management, but we all know that plans and routines change without notice. Wouldn't it be great if your home just knew your location and adjusted automatically? Whether you're rushing out of town on a last minute business trip, have to stay late at work or you're home unexpectedly with a sick child, the last thing on your mind is your thermostat. With Tutum Home you don't have to remember to open your app and adjust it because our Geo-Services feature uses your location to do it for you automatically. Your home is always comfortable when you're there and saving when you're not. Ever had that feeling of not wanting to get out of bed after a hard days work to turn off that light downstairs? Replace your bulbs with smart bulbs or smart switches and you wouldn’t have to worry anymore. Feel like a party, add on LED strip lights from our shop and play your favourite music to jazz up the evening. Want more? Simply set SCENES to control your entire home with just one tap. A SCENE lets you adjust multiple devices simultaneously. Whether you are waking up, getting into the party mood or going to sleep your home can be the way you want, instantly.

How it works?