Pet Friendly Motion Detectors

When you take advantage of pet immune motion detectors, you'll never again have to sacrifice the safety of your family or security of your belongings.

  • Tutum home recommends  customers who have pets to invest in pet immune motion detectors. Often, homeowners with pets don't set their home's security system fearing their pet will activate many false alarms  being placed on a "do not respond" list by authorities. However, not setting your home's alarm weakens your family's defense against criminals. An essential component of your home's security system, pet immune motion detectors allow you to set your home's alarm with confidence and give your pet the freedom and comfort to move about without setting off a false alarm.

  • A pet friendly motion sensor uses a combination of several different technologies to determine the mass, speed, and movement patterns of any moving object, to read the body temperatures, and to detect infrared emissions to rule out household pets.

With Tutum home the alarm system will not alarm your pets nor the neighbours and authorities, yet keep your family safe.


Tutum Home features at a glance

24/7 professional monitoring

Security specialists help monitor your home around-the-clock keeping you and your family safe with the latest technology.

Pay as you go

The ultimate guarantee. We earn your business everyday. We’re so confident in our service that you’re free to leave any time.

Quadruple monitor

Even if an intruder smashes your keypad, cuts your home phone line, or if you lose power. Its wire free connection sends alerts in seconds.

Control from your phone

Control your system from anywhere with your smartphone or laptop, plus get customizable text alerts.

Professional installation

All our engineers are DBS security checked to the highest of standards. We do not leave until you are 100% happy with your system.

Pet friendly protection

Advanced Motion sensors use dual lens technology and Digital Adaptive Signal Processor algorithm to eliminate false alarms , so even the furriest members of your family can enjoy 24/7 smart security .