Quadruple Safeguard

Tutum Home Blankets your home with layers of security

  • Protection against landline cuts

Onboard SIM card for fast mobile communications to the monitoring center safeguards against intruder cuts to the landline which typical alarm systems use.

  • Power Loss Protection

Tutum home smart security and smarthome panel works even if your home loses power, its onboard 12 hour battery backup kicks into action to keep you secure.

  • Dual Path Protection

A parallel broadband path communicate signals to the monitoring center to protect your family against moments where there is an outage on the mobile network

  • Crash and Smash Protection

Burglars have many tactics for entering a home undetected. Some are stealthy, others are fast. Crash and Smash Protection is a proactive Tutum home safeguard against a ‘fast' tactic that typically defeats other security systems. 
Clever burglars ‘crash' through the front door—the fastest method of entry - then ‘smash' the security panel as fast as possible to take advantage of the delay that security systems give the homeowner when they arrive home. It's typically 30 to 60 seconds, giving you plenty of time to open your app and disarm the system or walk to the panel and enter your code. With a typical burglary, once the panel counts all the way down, it automatically alerts emergency responders. In a crash and smash attack, the burglar tries to disable the panel before it can send the signal. Thirty seconds isn't a lot of time, but it can be enough for an experienced burglar to locate and destroy the panel with a hammer. 

With Tutum home crash and smash technology, your system still works even if the panel is destroyed, because of its secure cloud platform where the intelligence is stored. If the panel suddenly goes ‘off-line' before sending either a ‘disarm' or ‘emergency' signal, Tutum home reports a suspected Crash and Smash event to our central monitoring station. You and your family, friends and neighbours can all get a smartphone alert too, so no one walks into a dangerous situation at home.

 And just in case you are not satisfied with Quadruple Security, add the ultimate first layer of defence, our innovative, beautifully Italian designed Garden Perimeter Security Towers. As soon as the intruder crosses the invisible infrared beams and microwave curtains covering the outside perimeter the alarm will trigger and notify you as well as the 24/7 live monitoring center. You can even set automation rules to turn on lights, siren, music system to ward off intruders from the perimeter of your home.


Tutum Home features at a glance

24/7 professional monitoring

Security specialists help monitor your home around-the-clock keeping you and your family safe with the latest technology.

Pay as you go

The ultimate guarantee. We earn your business everyday. We’re so confident in our service that you’re free to leave any time.

Quadruple monitor

Even if an intruder smashes your keypad, cuts your home phone line, or if you lose power. Its wire free connection sends alerts in seconds.

Control from your phone

Control your system from anywhere with your smartphone or laptop, plus get customizable text alerts.

Professional installation

All our engineers are DBS security checked to the highest of standards. We do not leave until you are 100% happy with your system.

Pet friendly protection

Advanced Motion sensors use dual lens technology and Digital Adaptive Signal Processor algorithm to eliminate false alarms , so even the furriest members of your family can enjoy 24/7 smart security .